Friday night walk through
Man of the crowd
I hear their voices
Say our names out loud

I carry the torch
But the night is long
The darkness wins
When the flame is gone

I can tell you how this ends
I can tell you what they said, they said
There’s a strange attractor
In the sky above your head

There’s a strange attractor
Beneath our bed
There’s a bloody hand
In the sky above your head
Strange attractor, strange attractor

You love me forever
Then you hit me twice as hard
I’ve seen fairer fights
Inside a prison yard

I write the book of sorrow
You write the book of lust
When my book is written
One heart will turn to dust

I can tell you how this ends…


When I saw you I said
Here comes trouble
It’s been a little while since I’ve
Had some fun

You said “how you doing?”
I said “I’m fine”
You said you saw our future, I said
Love is a crime

Love kills slowly
Don’t ever look back
Makes no difference
Where we come from

Love kills slowly
But the lights are pretty
‘Till there’s blood on the floor
Let’s have some fun
Love kills slowly, slowly

I wake up in the night
Soaked in sweat
A razor cuts my
Soul in two

You said I had the look
I said I had the time
You looked at your watch, I said
Love is a crime

Love kills slowly…

The coldness and the greed
Make strong men cry
No need to explain
Every man knows why

Love kills all
And the only way out is through a
Wasteland of fear
An ocean of doubt


Walking home from nowhere
It was yesterday or tonight
Lights were dim but all around
The lights were burning bright
The crowd was silent
I could hear them roar
Morality plays and salad days
I never knew what was in store

Life in white
Life inside dreams
I dream of something dark
Something wild, it seems
Life in white
White like snow
Life without you
Everywhere I go
Life in white
Life inside flames
I want darkness
But the white remains
Didn’t they tell you
Why didn’t they say
Your life in white
Begins today
Life in white
Begins today

One hundred horses walking
One hundred horses running fast
You say you need to be free
But the future follows the past
Here I stand, there you lie
I give up this fight, so
Steel yourself and go with me
Begin this life in white


I’m a fool for love
For violins and roses
Hearts racing in the dark
Breathless proposals

Fool for the things she says
For yellow moons in May skies
Whispers in the night
Then I realize

There’s fire in my head
Danger in my heart
There’s so much to say
I don’t know where to start
There’s thunder over heaven
There’s a hole in the day
Where doubt slips through
Where hope slips away

There’s steel inside my veins
Coldness in my soul
There’s so many answers
I’ll never know
Silence and fear come through
The hole in the day
Where doubt slips through
Where hope slips away

Half way in
Half way out
Swimming upstream in a
River of doubt
Black sun empty smiles
Random love and heartache
There’s no return just a
Fall from grace


We’re angels in flight
We’re smoke from hearts on fire
Fading from sight

Battles are won
Battles are lost
I will follow you
No matter what the cost
Everything you need
I will carry for you
When you need more
I will steal it for you

Piranhas on the street
Follow close in their cars
They don’t miss a beat
But we won’t miss ours

Fire in the darkness
Will spell out our names
We’ll be legendary
Keepers of the flame
Keepers of the flame

Never dreamed what was in store
Dreams and illusions die
I need faith no more

Battles are won, battles are lost…

Traction and reaction and break beat sweats
Dance hall junkies that redemption forgets
Posers and pretenders washed up in the bay
We’re angels fighting demons but they run from the day

Battles are won, battles are lost…


Lying on the road side
Stinking in the sun
We could be road kill
But this war’s not done
Fear in the suburbs
There’s so far to fall
When you go from something to nothing at all
Go from something to nothing at all

We’ll get through it
We’ll rise to it
Bring the hammer down
We’ll live another day

We’ll get through it
We’ll rise to it
Bring the hammer down
We live another day

It’s a life without hope
Rotting at the seams
Kindness fills a minute
Hunger fills our dreams
Death in the suburbs
Is a life time crawl
We run for cover as the houses fall
We run for cover as the houses fall

We’ll get through it…


My eyes were closed…

There are no days
There are no nights
There is only time

Time is pain
Time moves slowly
Memories remain

Weep no more my child soon this time is done
I’ll hold you in my arms again on the dark side of the sun

My eyes were closed
When you came to me in mourning
My eyes were closed
No I could not see the warnings
My eyes were closed
When you turned from me and walked into your silence
My eyes were closed

Brothers in
Brothers out
Brothers at the end

Ends will come
Ends will go
Steady beats the drum

One hundred years to your heart and promises I made
No house of dreams for you or me as cries and whispers fade

My eyes were closed…

Steady beats the drum, steady beats the drum
Steady beats the drum, I can hear the drum

My eyes were closed…


Somewhere in the night
A fire glows
Tango dancers
Hold a dark red rose
But I have numbers to call
Places to go
So follow the road

Drugstore cowboys
Can’t buy release
From the glass and the steel
On these dirty streets
There are handlers and helpers
Lovers and fools
I didn’t sign on to take you to school

Don’t fall in love with the real me
Better fall in love with what you see
The winner’s hand shows no reprieve
Don’t push too hard let it breathe

Don’t fall in love with the real me
I’m someone else who you can’t see
I live in secrets you live in dreams
Don’t fall in love with me

Maybe you’re on fire
Or you fell off a cliff
Love is like heroin
It’s not like this
Some are soft some are gone
Some are blind some are high
So follow the road

One of us turns one says please
Payment is made then one of us leaves
There are lawyers and losers
And government mules
I didn’t sign on to take you to school

Don’t fall in love with the real me…


Forty nights alone under blood red moons
Lost and left for dead
Forty nights walking these streets alone
Can’t get your voice out of my head

You kiss, I feel heat
You touch, I feel sadness and pain
I can’t say “No,” I burn with desire
I’ll die inside this flame

I’m a soul of wood with a heart on fire
Burning with unholy desire
Only you can stop this fire now

I’m a soul of wood with a heart of steel
Slowly crushed beneath the wheel
I pray someday you feel what I feel now

Homeless strangers on the street
Live each day somehow
They know I’m in love with you
Nothing they can do for me now

You look, my heart stands still
You speak, a thousand violins play
Darkness waits for my return
In this fire my flesh burns

I’m a soul of wood…


When I walk through this door
I know what we had isn’t here anymore
Every time you say my name
Your voice sounds so strained

You smile, but not for me
You’ve gone somewhere I cannot be
We have no secrets we have no lies
Just our poverty of alibis

It’s a dance of ghosts
Moving dead on our feet
They should have seen us when
We had the myth of freedom

In our dance of ghosts
Desire scatters like straw
But heroes fail without regret
This dance of ghosts

I hear the bells, I hear them ring
I hear angels, I hear them sing
I know they come for you and me
Their shadows move with certainty

There are roses and fires and cries in the night
Power and passion in another man’s life
There are no words for us to say
Close this door and go away

It’s a dance of ghosts…